TheCrazyGorilla is a highly successful YouTube channel run by Anthony Nguyen and Ramon Guzman. 
They came to me for help designing a new logo that felt like it lived in 2018 and would be friendly towards multiple applications. Although they loved their former logo, they felt it was time for change.​​​​​​​
Below is my process and final logo design. Enjoy!
Initial sketches.
Additional sketches. You can see I tried using the proportions of the YouTube logomark. 
The 3 sketches I proposed while always keeping in mind the key words that make up The Crazy Gorilla's brand.
Going digital. Circles were the skeleton underneath the logo, allowing lines to become form and relate to one another.
The end of a revision, however many problematic areas persisted.
The new logo for The Crazy Gorilla.
Alternative logo for horizontal application.
Co-founders Ramon Guzman and Anthony Nguyen.
T-shirt mockup. 
Business card mockup. 

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